Touch Screen Systems for Retail

Touch screen hardware and software has become more and more popular in a wide range of retail solutions. High street stores and supermarkets have incorporated touch screens to broaden their product range, improve customer service and increase sales.

Key areas of use include:

  • Product catalogue
  • Ordering systems
  • Recipe & wine selectors for supermarkets
  • Digital Signage

Client benefits

  • Extend your catalogue of products and make them available for your customers on the shop floor to order directly (in-store ordering) with either self-service or assisted service
  • Create incremental sales through up-sales and increasing basket size e.g. look for associated products
  • Help conversions by showing more product detail, seeing if products are in stock and placing orders there and then if necessary, allowing customers to complete the sale themselves
  • Educate your staff and your customers with your latest products and offerings
  • Create more time for your staff to focus on customer service - let this be a tool to help them make the most of their skill
  • Schedule advertising when the touchscreen is not in use, therefore generating additional revenue

Customer benefits

  • Convenient product ordering if the item they are looking for is not available in-store
  • Browse additional products
  • Find out more detail on a particular product or check pricing without the need to ask for assistance
  • Get new ideas for recipes and new wine varieties

If you're looking to use touch screen systems, please call the number below and one of our sales team will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

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