Airport Fast Track Security Software

Airport Fast Track Security Software

Touch4’s touch screen systems and interactive kiosks have been installed in numerous international airports across the UK. Our clients in this sector have seen real financial benefits from installing our Fast Track touch screen applications, and made significant improvements to customer service levels using our queue busting, wayfinding and retail solutions.

Fast Track solution

Touch4 provides a fully integrated system that enables travellers to gain access to your fast lane security by either buying a ticket directly at the kiosk or picking up pre-booked tickets on arrival at the airport.

Our Fast Track solution provides

  • Customised software to engage with airport users
  • Interactive hardware
  • Integration with existing systems (if required)
  • E-commerce interface for credit card payments
  • Integration into third party applications

Airport benefits

  • Reduce queuing times
  • Short term return on investment
  • Generate additional airport revenue streams
  • Provide customers with additional security options
  • Utilise kiosk for advertising when idle

Customer benefits

  • Fast and efficient service
  • Clear, accurate real-time information provided
  • Simple to use
  • Multi-language option


Available as a stand alone solution, the Fast Track kiosk can also be fully integrated with your existing systems. We work closely with customers and listen to their detailed needs from day 1, allowing us to supply the perfect product suited to their unique specifications — from project concept through to installation.

As this is an existing application built according to a generic framework, it can be easily adapted to suit new requirements, making the Touch4 Fast Track software a cost effective choice.


Touch4 kiosks are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Our Insistence on quality ensures all components within the kiosk are securely protected from dust, dirt and moisture. Units can also be fully customised with various payment options available.


With so many travellers from all over the world, a key challenge at international airports is language.

The customisable Fast Track kiosks let users select their native language from the beginning, helping them make their selection more quickly and, crucially, without any time-consuming mistakes.

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