Touch Screen Software and Kiosk Solutions

Touch Screens Software and Kiosk Solutions

Touch4 has been building software and touch screen interfaces for nearly a decade and it shows through the finished products we have created.

1. Software types - if you are looking for products that we've built, worked on before or have knowledge of then use the form below or call us on 01977 669955... here are some examples:

Software for touch screens and kiosk solutions
  • Web kiosks software
  • Ticketing and payment systems to add to your project
  • Customer feedback / data capture system
  • Digital signage - full suite including hardware
  • Wayfinding kiosks - we have a lot of experience but remember every building is unique!
  • Accommodation and events search for tourism
  • Product Search for retailers
  • Competitions for exhibitions and data capture

If you wish to know more then contact us today on 01977 669955 or full in the form below.

2. Bespoke Solutions - click this link to find out more and especially if you are you are looking for an end to end solution or you have pieces of the puzzle. More bespoke solutions.

Know that you are looking for? Either fill in the form below or call us now 01977 669955.