Effective Data Capture Systems from Touch4

In the modern commercial world, where consumers, staff and suppliers are more ready than ever to express their opinions, failure to harness this valuable source of data — and to act upon it promptly — is a lost opportunity that few can afford.

Data Capture Solutions

A good data capture system is vital for the success of any organisation. Whether for marketing purposes, product development or feedback on customer satisfaction levels, successful organisations not only capture data accurately but they effectively analyse the outcomes in real-time, and implement the appropriate improvements.

Touch4 creates touch screen data capture software tailored to any need, allowing you to utilise your touch screen kiosk to conveniently and efficiently collect feedback — straight from the source. Of equal importance, our reporting modules allow you to fully interrogate the data you have collected, enabling you to make the informed business decisions which will help you achieve your commercial goals.

Current uses for Touch4's data capture kiosks include:

  • Capturing hospital patient data to speed up admissions.
  • Car dealerships collecting potential customer data to create sales leads.
  • Carrying out point of service satisfaction surveys.
  • Retail point of sale customer satisfaction surveys.

Touch4 touch screen data capture applications currently collect data of all kinds for organisations of every size, spanning a range of industries. The common theme across the board is the desire of these organisations to ask the questions of their customers, staff and suppliers that allow them to ensure that their brand experience — and profitability — remains strong.

Data capture results can provide tangible outcomes for your organisation:

  • Improving quality of service and retaining customers
  • Improving staff morale and retaining key workers
  • Refining sales and marketing strategies
  • Enhancing product and service development
  • Increasing revenues, profitability and/or efficiency.

Where can this technology be used?

  • Surveys for customer/patient satisfaction:
    Improve your customer service and brand loyalty by finding out what your customers like/dislike so that you can give them what they want — before your competition does.
  • Surveys for staff:
    Ensure employee satisfaction and retention by surveying them on any subject of your choosing. Polling employees anonymously lets you discover the truth about what they really feel about you and your organisation.
  • Qualified leads capture:
    Retail touch screen kiosks assist shop staff in obtaining qualified leads. Exhibition or event touch screen kiosks can quickly and discretely collect qualified leads which can be followed up later.
  • Market research:
    Point of sale kiosks gather the up-to-date views of your customers and allows them to make suggestions for improvements. Interrogating and interpreting this data in detail using the reporting modules enables you to fully understand your marketplace and adapt your product or marketing strategy as needed.
  • Public opinion polling:
    Use touch screen polling kiosks to survey a particular sample of the public. Touch4's reporting modules analyse this captured data to find trends which reflect the opinions of your target population.

We cater for all data capture requirements via any kind of touch screen solution, so please contact us on 01977 669955 now to discuss your data capture requirements.