Retail Kiosks

Touch Screen Systems for Retailers

Touch4 offer retailers touch screen point of sale solutions (POS) including:

  • Self service kiosks as public ordering points with a catalogue of products.
  • Touch screen web kiosks allowing customers to access your ecommerce web site to view and/or order products (integrated to your current ecommerce system).
  • Interactive loyalty card updates.
  • Touch screen product selectors (helping shoppers discern between products e.g. the Touch4 wine selector).
  • Coupons for future discounts / increasing stock turn on sticking products.
  • In-store product education through bar scanning products for information.
  • Upselling other products and services that are not stocked in store through space restrictions or impracticality.
  • Upselling products in the supermarket or showing interactive catalogues of products not stocked in store.
  • Interactive shelf talkers for on the spot incentives.

Touch Screen Point of Sale Uses

There are many uses for interactive POS systems in the retail environment where retailers have the ability to save money, physical space and staffing numbers. There are many other interaction touch screen applications that can give a quick return by simply educating people in other products or offers.

Are you looking for methods to increase sales, interact with the public to distribute information, improve service or reduce costs using interactive touch screen point of sale solutions?

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