Airport Kiosks

Touch Screen Systems for Airports

Touch4's touch screen products and kiosk projects are all over the world in airports, from gift selectors in Duty Free to queue busting kiosks, through security translators and much more.

Shortly, Touch4's kiosk systems will have presence in Manchester, Luton, Gatwick, Stansted and Bristol Airports in the UK.

Airport Kiosks Projects

Touch4 have undertaken a few different airport based projects, here are two:

  1. Security Priority Lane Systems (queue busting through security)
  2. Airside security Systems (translations of security procedures on touch screen)

The most popular product currently is Touch4's Security Priority Lane, where airports can make supplemental incomes from queue busting, for passengers in a hurry to get through security or simply for the airport to offer a better or premium service.

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We can also provide information kiosks and wayfinding kiosks in airports and undertake a wide range of interactive projects, providing touch screen kiosk software and hardware for the airport terminal, offered either as a stand alone or integrated solutions.