Ticketing Kiosks from Touch4

Our Ticketing Kiosks can be customised according to your exact requirements to produce tickets of any shape and size. They can be used to either dispense tickets as purchased or to retrieve tickets purchased online or from a box office.

Other than event tickets they can also be used in areas such as airports and train stations that experience a constant heavy flow of traffic of customers who require a quick service. The kiosks will help to reduce long queues from forming as well as improve customer service levels.

For further details on our Ticketing Kiosks, speak to a member of our team on 01977 669955of fill out the contact form below.

Recommended Ticketing Kiosk Models

Ticketing Kiosk Blade

cardsecure locksDDA compliant optionoptional full graphical brandingdispatchno minimum order requiredruggedisedflight case

Ticketing Kiosk Blade - Slim 19" touch, retail kiosk with 80mm printer and unattended chip and pin unit with different bracket options for fitting into store. Large front for your branding and important calls to action with several finishes (plain, metal, coloured and 3 wood finishes). Further ruggedisation is available include bezel-free high IP rated touch screen and upgrades e.g. scanners, loyalty cards, cash, etc.

Ticketing Kiosk Transactional Blade 2014

cardsecure locks with keys suppliedDDA compliant optionoptional full graphical brandingdispatchno minimum order requiredruggedisedflight case

Fast Track Payment Kiosk - The Touch4 Fast Track Payment kiosk has been designed to cover all payment and ticketing touch screen applications. With its 19” wide touch screen, ergonomic design and minimal footprint it is perfectly suited for any payment environment. The kiosk can be used for a variety of payment functions including chip & pin, contactless, cash and smart cards. The Fast Track kiosk is also fitted with an 80mm receipt printer for printing customer receipts or point of entry tickets.

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