Guided selling and retail kiosks

Guided Selling & Retail Kiosk Sales

In retail, from small store looking to help prevent lost sales through to high footfall supermarket environment then in-store technology, supported by content and data from suppliers and coupled with a user friendly screen can provide valuable help for the consumer choice and methods of helping you sell the best products for use (or the most profitable).

Touch4 have developed several projects of this type with different customers and whilst we need to keep this confidential in nature we can say that we can typically develop the following from our core systems:

  • Wine Selector (guided selling)
  • Food Selector (matching foods)
  • Recipe Selector (print ingredients, email recipes)
  • Cocktail Maker (cross sell other drinks / spirits)
  • Mobile Phone Selector (guide customer and sell)
  • Product sales (to sell and send home products out of stock)

These are just a few ways our product catalogue and user interface (UI) can be manipulated to help guide your customers through their service easily. Our product can store any type of data including rich media (video, multiple image) associated with the product to play through the UI and the more attributes you supply in the data the more ways we can help cut it up for easier (or cleverer) consumption.

If you already have a web site then we have two ways we can help you here:

  • We can plug a kiosk payment engine into your existing web site from a kiosk – a fast way of bringing your web site in store safely.
  • We can pull content from your CRM / database and guide (no payment) or sell off the page from the kiosk. This requires a higher level of integration to your distribution platform

If you would like to enquire about any of the above then please give us a call on 01977 669955.