Touch Screen Systems for Local Government

Interactive Kiosks for Local Government

Touch4's Local Government Kiosk Solutions are an ideal way to reach out to your wider community and provide them with vital information. Touch4's kiosks can be deployed in key locations in order to communicate to your target audience and provide a better service.

Key areas of use:

  • Promoting the wide variety of services you provide with details of how to access these services
  • Queue busting or ticketing systems to alleviate service centre reception queues
  • Digital signage for news and services
  • Transactional uses such as bill, rent or fine paying
  • Free internet access points, assisting citizens who may not have regular use of the internet
  • Surveys and questionnaires that provide real-time feedback from the community on the services you offer

Client Benefits

  • Limitless opportunities for distributing information; helping your local community to reach information on health, travel, leisure, employment and social issues, plus much more
  • Deliver cost savings through allowing users to perform transactions either through the touch screen interface or online
  • Support local retailers by installing services kiosks in their outlets and therefore giving them additional footfall

Community Benefits

  • Reduced waiting times in local council offices with implementation of queue busting systems
  • Increased awareness of local government initiatives
  • Give feedback on government services
  • Get online from public internet access points

If you're looking to use touch screen systems, please call the number below and one of our sales team will be in contact to discuss your requirements.