Touch Screen Software Solutions

Interactive Software Solutions from Touch4

Over the course of a decade or two, you pick up a lot of experience and understanding about how to implement different types of projects. We have built our own software - Touch4 Phoenix (Phoenix for short). Phoenix forms the basis of all Touch4 projects and products and means we get consistency of results and can support everything the same.

Listed below are the types of products we can offer you through code and experience, for example:

  • Web Kiosk Software - we have different products dependent on the numbers you are wishing to buy and the web sites you wish to choose including Site Kiosk™.
  • Ticket Systems - wish to plug in ticketing from your kiosk?
  • Payment Systems - to add to your project or to build around your database of products.
  • Way Finding - there are many different levels of this and you need to know which one before asking for prices (i.e. is it just a map, how many rooms, how many places to direct to, how many kiosk/screen). We have a lot of experience here but do remember every building is unique and you need to be surveyed to do it correctly.
  • Questionnaire, Surveys & Data Capture - if you are looking for ways to capture information passively from your customers or the public as a whole then you should be speaking to us about our mix and match solutions. We even have customers doing this and can offer their services and their business models too.
  • Digital Signage - we are lucky enough to have several customers who can offer different DS products (software) on their and our hardware.
  • Accommodation & Events Search - for tourism, used in tourist information centres and hotels to provide improved customer services.
  • Product Search - for example we created a Wine Selector recently with many options and filters.
  • Advertising Systems - there are a couple of Touch4 software products that you may benefit from if you are looking to move into interactive advertising, really depends on your business model and of course the type of customer you are wishing to attract.
  • Competitions - we've written a few competitions with different outputs and we've worked with agencies who have created some amazing interfaces using Touch4 Phoenix and Touch 4 hardware.
  • Concierge Products - for hotels using local directories, web sites, etc.

Logging activity, kiosk minding / reporting, etc. are all part of the core product, as part of a solution.

Give us a call 01977 669955 or fill in the form below to contact us. If you want to see how we've applied some of these applications then please visit our Software Solutions products portfolio.