Bespoke Solutions for Touch Screens and Touch Kiosks

Bespoke Solutions for Touch Screen Kiosks

Using those building blocks we have created in our Touch4 platform we are able to now turn around touch screen bespoke projects in weeks, dependent of course on the complexity of the project and how many peripherals you wish to integrate.

In bespoke we can work in the following ways (or a mix of course):

  • Design and build touch interface - from your raw ideas we will help design the look and user flow to achieve your aims.
  • Bring your design ideas to life - you may have a great idea and design but don't have the skills or people to bring it to life in a touch screen environment ... we can help you.
  • Integration of your software - you already have an interface based on flash or other technologies that you simply wish to connect to web services or to facilities of a touch screen kiosk e.g. printer or scanner, payment systems, etc.
  • End to End - of course if you put all these together then you can see that we can go from design to implementation based on the scant of information to produce your business/organisation's objectives.

Using our knowledge and experience, we also offer an independent consultancy service to see if your project will even reach the objectives you have set, whether you need (and how to deploy) a pilot, etc.