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Touch4 ticketing solutions

The days when customers were happy to queue for hours to buy their train, theatre or cinema tickets are long gone — as are the days when organisations could afford to fill ticket offices with dozens of staff to provide the prompt service which has come to be expected as standard.

Not only do customers demand the convenience and speed that a full touch screen ticketing solution offers but they also insist that it works seamlessly and efficiently first time — every time.

Touch4’s ticketing solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of even the busiest of ticket offices, resulting in significant improvements in both customer satisfaction and efficiency. The robustness of the integrated software systems is matched only by the sleek, yet resilient kiosk hardware, giving you excellent performance in even the highest traffic environments.

The many benefits to your business of a touch screen ticketing solution include:

  • Boosting the flow of customers to minimise delays and service issues
  • Enhancing that all-important customer experience
  • Reducing staffing costs and increasing revenue — improving profitability
  • Eliminating staff ticketing and administration errors
  • Minimising the number of customers in key areas like reception

Touch4 ticketing solutions are suitable for:

  • Airports

    Touch4’s touch screen systems and interactive kiosks have been installed in numerous international airports across the UK. Our clients in this sector have seen real financial benefits from installing our Fast Track touch screen applications, and made significant improvements to customer service levels using our queue busting, wayfinding and retail solutions.

    To view our Airport Ticketing Software, click Here

  • Train/tram services

    If you are unfortunate enough to have experienced missing your train, you will be well aware of how stressful it can be. The “extra pair of hands” that a ticketing solution provides will help your customers avoid this scenario, and will help you avoid having to deal with the fallout.

  • Coach and bus services

    The touch screen ticketing solution Touch4 developed for Stagecoach, to be used in the famous Victoria Coach Station in London, integrates fully with Stagecoach’s existing travel system to enable customers to explore routes, ticketing options and purchase their tickets on the spot. The Stagecoach solution worked so well in this high traffic environment that we have now also installed the kiosks in Shudehill Interchange in Manchester.

  • Cinemas & theatres

    The last thing a cinema wants is all its customers coming down in one go and failing to buy their popcorn and drinks because they were in a rush to get their tickets. By selling tickets through a touch screen kiosk, the establishments not only give customers a more pleasurable experience but they also boost their bottom line.

  • Sporting venues

    Sports fans are possibly some of the most impatient and excitable customers in the world. Anything which allows them to more easily purchase tickets for present of future events frees up your staff to get on with other things and lets the fans get on with enjoying themselves — and buying their snacks and merchandise.

  • Car parks

    Reliable touch screen ticketing kiosk solutions are essential for the effective running of any modern car park. Ticketing solutions can integrate with registration plate recognition technology for a fully automated car park ticketing system.  

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