Frequently asked questions

Can Touch4 put my website onto a touch screen kiosk?

a. Yes we can — although you need to keep in mind that websites are built to be used on a conventional PC with a keyboard and mouse. Therefore, you should consider using a kiosk anti-vandal keyboard to provide the user with the best possible experience.

b. Touch4 can also provide a custom user interface that can integrate with existing web applications so that certain functions e.g. drop down menus can be adapted to suit touch screens.

Can Touch4 provide a custom software solution for my specific needs?

Touch4 has an extensive software development team that can design, create and build complete software solutions from concept through to completion — tailored to any need.

Can Touch4 provide kiosks for ticketing applications?

Touch4 has provided a broad range of ticketing kiosks and integrated solutions for use in a variety of settings. From discount vouchers in shopping areas to airport fast lane tickets, Touch4 has developed solutions allowing customers to search for availability then select, pay for and print tickets.

Does the kiosk come with software?

The kiosk comes as standard with an operating system (Win 7 Pro). All software applications can be either supplied “off the shelf” or as bespoke solutions — depending upon your need.

Can Touch4 kiosks be used in retail environments?

Touch4 touch screen applications currently operate in a range of retail environments. Many of our retail touch screen solutions work as electronic catalogues, allowing shoppers to browse, reserve, select and pay for goods and services at their leisure. Others work as wayfinding kiosks and customer service/feedback stations.

What are the lead times to produce kiosks?

a. For standard build kiosks the lead time is generally 4 – 6 weeks

b. With software applications it will depend on the complexity of the application required, although it would typically be in the region of 10 – 16 weeks.

Can Touch4 kiosks be branded?

Nearly all of the kiosks we supply are custom branded to suit the marketing and commercial objectives of the customer. Our high quality, resilient vinyl wraps protect the kiosk hardware while satisfying even the most demanding of creative requirements.

Can the kiosks be supplied with maintenance for hardware and software?

All of the Touch4 kiosks can be supplied with hardware and software support, along with a range of options to suit all customer needs and budgets.

Does the kiosk hardware come with a warranty?

Yes, all hardware comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Got more questions? For more information call Mark at the office or for advice about your project and we'll even recommend the appropriate touch screen hardware for the requirement.