More Kiosk Solutions from Touch4

There’s much more to Touch4 than the industries we have highlighted on our website. We have supplied many touch screen kiosks to a variety of companies in the UK and worldwide. A selection of projects is listed below:

  • Cinema - Ticketing and payment solutions
  • Universities & Colleges - Discount tickets, digital signage, information, wayfinding, etc.
  • Housing Associations - To look up availability, rent, information, etc.
  • Exhibitions - Helping with interactive games, data capture, look up systems, etc.
  • Museums - Interactive information
  • Radio and Media - Radio stations taking selections 'on the street' through interactive systems
  • Trade Counter - Businesses offering tickets for discount products to increase stock churn on overstocked items (or promotions)
  • Music & Entertainment - Music selectors and media kiosks

Talk to us!

If you are thinking of installing a touch screen system and don’t know where to start, contact Touch4 for a no-obligation chat with our sales team. They will listen to your requirements and provide a range of options and prices to suit you.

We offer hardware, software and end-to-end solutions consisting of the following:

  • Consultancy
  • ROI analysis
  • Proposal
  • Design to sign off
  • Specification
  • Project management
  • Interface software
  • Data connection
  • Data systems / database
  • Data distribution / web services / administration
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • After sales

Our skilled team in kiosk production and software development continually create new and innovative ways to provide the right solutions to our customers; a key priority for us is that we ensure you get the return on investment by installing our touch screen kiosks and software.

We offer a free initial consultation on your project to brainstorm your ideas and mix in our own, so why not give us a try? Contact us on 01977 669955, email us at Touch4 Email Address or fill in the form below.