Kiosk Implementation & Adoption

A key part of your self-serve kiosk implementation involves the process of ensuring your clients use the kiosks (Adoption). It is common to spend significant time, energy and money to purchase a complete self-serve kiosk solution only to discover the kiosks are not being used.

With signifiant experience in the technology, retail and supply chain sectors, Touch4 has the knowledge, passion and experience to ensure that your organisation's self serve kiosk project is successful from start to finish. Our experience in People, Process and Productivity allows us to develop a customised implementation and adoption strategy that is unique for your business.

Key Implementation Offerings

  • Work with your Implementation Team to set objectives, goals, targets and adoption rates for your self-serve kiosk (SSK) project.
  • Assist in marketing campaigns that create public awareness of the SSK being introduced.
  • Ensure that the placement(s) and wrapping or design allow for the best adoption and use of the SSK.
  • Consult with you to design bespoke training manuals, materials and methods to maximise use of the SSK.
  • Administer measurable usage and maintenance training to the team responsible for the SSK.
  • Provide master level training to team leaders and managers for reinforcement and self sufficiency.
  • Work onsite to assist your team in maximizing the usage, assistance and adoption of your clients using the SSK.
  • Provide honest unbiased feedback when changes to optimise the success of the implementation are required.
  • Provide secret shopper visits to ensure that the highest adoption rates are being achieved as well as monitoring staff training success.
  • Provide on going assessment and recommendations as required.
  • We can provide full and comprehensive end to end support and implementation packages. We can also compliment your existing rollout plan by only participating in filling identified gaps or reinforcement.

Our goal is to ensure that your touch screen kiosk project is a complete success from implementation to adoption.

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