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What software features exist in your current product version?

  • Full or partial (extended) product catalogue database

  • Barcode scan of item (to retrieve full details)

  • Browse or text search with intelligent thumbnail output

  • Filter output list dynamically (on the fly) by price or by any data appended to the product detail (colour, size, etc.), which can allow for wizard style searching

  • Product detail including multiple images, reviews, QR Codes, text detail and data e.g. colour, size, etc.

  • Top level filters such as "Sale items" "New In" or "Notify Me" if the product is out of stock

  • Printing of product barcodes to order at till (if they wish to pay by cash) - delayed order possible dependent on client's allocation systems

  • Third party feeds e.g. reviews, YouTube content, etc.

  • Social Media sharing of product detail to Twitter, Facebook and email

  • Shopping cart, wish list, checkout and payment at kiosk

  • Postcode look up for fast addressing

  • Very neat and intuitive data entry (built-in dynamic keyboard, programmable by input field)

  • Integration 'Agents' for fast integration to product feeds

  • Multiple catalogue / department options (for completely different datasets on one kiosk).

  • Language options

  • Vouchers (post purchase money off for repeat business for example)

  • Administration is kept to a minimum through direct data integration, even thought ours is a product, part of that product is our data adaptors you will never need to adapt to our data schema

  • Full click-log capture of activity to help understand usage of the kiosk (top products viewed, top searches made, top scanned products, etc.)

  • Sales reporting and reconciliation for credit card transactions for your accounts department

  • There are many more features including data capture, surveys, electronic magazines linked into your data, etc.

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