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How do you implement a typical project of this nature?

  • We provide an initial (free) consultation to determine the purpose and aims of the project and to match those to the product being offered; we even turn up with a kiosk and showcase the features discussed above to see if they fit with your requirements

  • Understand whether this is to solely to improve customer service and where possible expose the tangible ROI targets to be achieved

  • An initial proposal outlining costs, project plan and requirements from you to fulfil the brief

  • Liaison with IT for networking and integration options - even though it is a product, we will always adapt to your content

  • Overview of content availability and retrieval for product enrichment (images, video, comments, reviews, etc.)

  • Organisation of a trial (end to end) to help prove the targets with a 'light' version of product integration, including discussion on how demographics and geography affect your product sales to determine the number of units to trial

  • Sign off branding interpretation and apply to templates

  • Create and demonstrate user flow through the application

  • Once in store, gain customer and staff feedback as to the hidden benefits of the system in store and create a mechanism to report it

  • In store research to help prop up business case with simple methods to increase exposure of the facilities

  • Present findings to management team

  • Scope roll out

  • Implementation (this repeats many of the points above but then includes roll out mechanics for installation, decision on payment providers, PC, servers and how the project is likely to be maintained and supported).

A regular question for our retail solutions is "is Touch4 hardware or software biased, what's your speciality"? The broad answer is that we provide a "solution" not just one of these and buy in the rest. We build it in-house for project control, quality and support BUT if you have a preferred hardware or software solution or you just need help making the decision then contact us we can provide you help.

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